The big Q’s

Have some questions? Read through these frequently asked Q’s, I’ve hopefully covered most things but please do feel free to email or call me with any queries.


Do you travel for weddings?

Absolutely, although I am based in Northamptonshire, I go all over the UK for weddings and even abroad. I don’t charge any extra for travel in the UK unless an overnight stay is necessary.

We are marrying in Italy or <insert any other country>, can we still book you?

Errrr…. YES! I love to venture to new places and that includes Europe and beyond. I’ve been very fortunate to capture some stunning weddings abroad and would love to hear more about your destination wedding, get in touch for a bespoke quotation.

Can we have access to a full wedding?

Certainly can. Pop me an email and I’ll send you access to a gallery. You can also check out some of my slideshows of which probably contain about a third of the images from a wedding and depict the entire story.

Can you cover both of us getting ready before the wedding?

Yes, in most cases you will require a 2nd photographer to do this as more often than not you will get ready separately. 2nd shooters are a fantastic addition to your wedding and can cover the remainder of the day from a different viewpoint to myself. I only use professional, reliable photographers to accompany me to weddings.

What if we don’t want a pre-wedding shoot?

A pre-wedding shoot is something I offer completely free as a way to benefit you as a couple and to learn how to get the best from you before your wedding day. That’s not to say I can’t get the best of you without a pre-wedding shoot, it is just a good way to get to know you better and for you guys to be more comfortable with me pointing my cameras in your face! You are not obligated to buy any of the photos so if a couple shoot isn’t your bag, just see it as a wedding warm up exercise.


What are your prices?

My wedding coverage starts from £1,650 for a full day of coverage, you can find out more HERE.

Do we get all the photos?

With a wedding package you get every photo that passes the quality criteria. At the time of processing, blinkers, misfires and duplicates are removed everything else is yours… the amount varies from wedding to wedding but for an average sized wedding with one photographer you can expect around 350-400 images.

When do we get to see the photos?

In the first instance I aim to post some preview photos on my Casey Avenue Facebook page within a week. Slideshows approximately 2-3 weeks and your full gallery around 4 weeks. These times can vary in busier periods. Your lovely wedding box including your disc will be with you just after this.

 What happens if it rains?

We go and dance in it! Seriously though, weather is something completely out of my control but I assure you I will capture beautiful photos regardless. Work with me and come outside in the less rainy moments, put some wellies on or go barefoot, get the umbrellas out and embrace it and you won’t be disappointed. You might get a little dirty, but heck my wedding dress wasn’t dry cleaned for 4 years and the grass stains and red wine still came out! Your wedding day isn’t about the weather, it’s about you two united as a couple, that’s what I’m there to photograph.

 Do you do black and white photos?

Yes, I love colour but also believe some images portray better emotionally and artistically in black and white (and others don’t). I make a creative judgement on this when I process your photos and that is how they are delivered on your disc. If however you would like a black and white framed print of one of your colour images after the wedding then this is ok too.


Can I order my album at a later date?

Of course, weddings and the organising of weddings take up a lot of time and money! I am more than happy for you to process an album order later in the year.

What is a Fusion?

It is the fusion of moving film and still photographs into a movie. There is no audio from the wedding, simply your wedding images coming to life with snippets of movement between the images. All my fusions are edited together with fully licensed music. They are uploaded to my business Vimeo account in full HD for you to share online with friends and family and you get a personal copy on your disc.

If I have the disc, does this mean I own the copyright?

No. As the photographer of your images I retain the copyright. You do however have the license to print to your hearts content, post online, give to your mum, anything really. The only thing you cannot do is alter my images or use them for commercial gain.

Can we meet with you?

Absolutely, we can meet before or after booking. You can come to my office where we can go through any other questions, have a cup of tea and  you can have a flick through my sample albums

How do we book our date with you?

Simple, once the the initial payment has been received and contract signed your date is booked.