This is me


Here I am! That’s me (on the right)… Hannah, the girl behind Casey Avenue.

Casey is my maiden name and being the youngest of 4 (married) daughters Casey Avenue is named in homage to my rather amazing Dad… he inspires me. I love photos and the happiness they bring, I can’t think of anything better to do for my job. I work hard to make sure you can enjoy your pictures for years and years to come.

Life with three children, a husband and my own business is organised chaos and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Photography is and always be very important to me. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by country bumpkin beauty and never short of inspiration for my creativity. Adventures from the mini to the grand are what I work so hard for, from days out to summer road trips across Europe in my campervan… and of course it all gets documented! You may well notice lots of trees and fields, I adore the textures mother nature has created for me as a canvas. Rusty gates and urban landscapes are also firm favourites.

Being a part of your wedding day is very important to me and I will give you my utmost care and attention, I will only shoot a certain amount of weddings a year to enable me to do this. There is plenty of my photography for you to peruse across the website, sit back, have a click on the play buttons and enjoy gorgeous wedding slideshows and fusions.

Currently based in Northamptonshire and relocating to Dorset summer 2017.

I will be continuing to shoot weddings in Northamptonshire as all my family live here as well as taking on new weddings in Dorset & Somerset.

Check out my instagram and vimeo where you will see my awesome husband and three gorgeous children, all of which are regularly subjected to my camera and crazy ideas for photos!

That’s me in a nutshell! If you like my style and my work get in touch I’d love to hear from you.