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Cool Country Couple Shoot

Fred & Will were my first couple shoot of the season and well… they nailed it! I’m so excited for their wedding at Kelmarsh Hall in July, we talked at length about their plans and it’s going to be so much fun!

Think we might have got one or two album covers in this little lot…. even country bumpkins can be cool!

OH MY GOD these are fantastic! Thanks Hannah we loved today and can’t wait for July!

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Jephson Gardens Leamington Spa

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Sarah and soon to be husband Jon. We met up at Jephson Gardens in Leamington Spa, it was absolutely beautiful there! Sarah and Jon were so lovely to photograph, relaxed, smiley and tactile, made my job super easy!!

We had a good natter and wander about the gorgeous gardens, warmed up in the glass house (was a bit nippy when we first started!) and played in trees and on bridges.

Super excited to be photographing their wedding this September!

Some of my favourites from their pre-wedding shoot:

Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-1 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-2 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-3 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-4 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-5 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-6 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-7 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-8 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-9 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-10 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-11 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-12 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-13 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-14 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-15 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-16

Cool Pre-Wedding Shoot of Kim & Tung

Having only conversed with Kim via email, I was nervous to meet them both for their pre-wedding shoot last week, thoughts like, “I hope they like me” running through my typical creative brain!! As Kim mentioned when we did meet, It’s like a first date!! We totally hit if off as I traipsed them through the buttercup cow field (strategically avoiding cow pats, yeah I know how to wow my clients haha!). Kim also said to me “if you want us to lay down or sit or anything that’s fine” (despite wearing a white skirt!) which is exactly what you want to hear as a photographer!! It is fun to be able to mix up the view points and positions for a more varied selection of shots!!

Kim & Tung are both in the creative industry themselves, fashion and design and they totally nailed their couple shoot!! Thank you, you gorgeous pair! Roll on September and your wedding in London :)

Creative-Pre-Wedding-Photos-1 Creative-Pre-Wedding-Photos-2 Creative-Pre-Wedding-Photos-3 Creative-Pre-Wedding-Photos-4 Creative-Pre-Wedding-Photos-5 Creative-Pre-Wedding-Photos-6 Creative-Pre-Wedding-Photos-7 Creative-Pre-Wedding-Photos-8 Creative-Pre-Wedding-Photos-9IMG_5951 Creative-Pre-Wedding-Photos-10 Creative-Pre-Wedding-Photos-11 Creative-Pre-Wedding-Photos-12 Creative-Pre-Wedding-Photos-13 Creative-Pre-Wedding-Photos-14 Creative-Pre-Wedding-Photos-15 Creative-Pre-Wedding-Photos-16 Creative-Pre-Wedding-Photos-17 Creative-Pre-Wedding-Photos-18 Creative-Pre-Wedding-Photos-19 Creative-Pre-Wedding-Photos-20

Gorgeous Countryside Couple Shoot

A couple of weeks back, I met up with these two nutters for their pre-wedding shoot! I had SUCH a good time, they made me laugh, purely with their laughter. Absolutely loved how the bounced off each other (not literally I might add!) and Jon was a proper gent carrying my mini step ladder around the countryside despite my protests (I’m somewhat vertically challenged so sometimes use a ladder in fields to achieve the angle of a few of the shots below).

It was a really lovely evening and I had Laura & Jon sitting amidst forget-me-nots, dancing in rapeseed and giggling by the stream… doesn’t get much more country than that!

Really looking forward to capturing their wedding this July!!

Thanks so much! These are brilliant… You’re awesome x Love someone who I can talk spots, bogies and poo to in our first meeting! Always knew we’d made the right decision, 100% confirmed this evening xxx

Country-Couple-Shoot-2 Country-Couple-Shoot-1 Country-Couple-Shoot-3 Country-Couple-Shoot-5 Country-Couple-Shoot-6 Country-Couple-Shoot-7 Country-Couple-Shoot-8 Country-Couple-Shoot-9 Country-Couple-Shoot-10 Country-Couple-Shoot-11 Country-Couple-Shoot-12 Country-Couple-Shoot-13 Country-Couple-Shoot-14 Country-Couple-Shoot-15 Country-Couple-Shoot-16 Country-Couple-Shoot-17 Country-Couple-Shoot-19 Country-Couple-Shoot-18

Honest & Natural Couple Shoot

My first pre-wedding couple shoot of the year and I loved it! What I work to do with my couples is spend some time with you to relax you around me. Have a laugh, go for a wander, chat about the wedding, your family, your life. In doing this I can create honesty in your images. These photos aren’t about you posing and staring down my camera lens, it’s about the both of you, your connection with each other and in turn how I can best capture it.

Yes I do still take some time during the shoot to get creative too, the beauty of doing this before your wedding is there are no time constraints, no rules, no big dresses or stiff suits. Ultimately, come your wedding day you’ve one less thing to worry about as now you know what it is like being captured by me, and it’s not as scary as you first thought! Not that I’m scary!!! But 80% of people I work with confess to some discomfort with the idea of being photographed so intensely for an entire day. After your pre-wedding shoot, you will be happy and content that it’s not something to worry about.

Katie & Chris were bloody amazing! Their session started with blue skies all round (if a little chilly!) and despite the heavens opening, they were still smiling and still ace! I literally cannot wait for their wedding in April. Bring it on!

Lichfield Engagement Shoot image Lichfield Engagement Shoot image Natural & Fun Couple Shoot image Natural & Fun Couple Shoot image Creative enagement shoot image Creative enagement shoot image Natural & Fun Couple Shoot image Honest & Natural Couple Shoot image Honest & Natural Couple Shoot image Honest & Natural Couple Shoot image Creative & Natural Engagement Photography image Honest & Beautiful Engagement Shoot image Creative & Natural Engagement Photography image IMG_0622 Natural & Fun Couple Shoot image Honest & Beautiful Engagement Shoot image