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Children of Uganda

There have been a few things recently that have had my thoughts back in Uganda, how I miss it, how I miss Ezra, the totally different culture and how I desperately want to return. It started with Top Gear’s 2 part special in Uganda… seeing the craziness of Ugandan life again, people selling anything and everything to you on the streets, Lake Victoria, those foam beds!

I was also asked in a photography group, if money was no object what would I love to photograph, just one thing… for me I’d love to travel the third world and photograph anything and everything… raise awareness, volunteer where I could. Then this morning someone shared a link to a photographer who had spent 18 months travelling the world to photograph children and their most prized possessions and it reminded me of the day I visited a small orphanage out in one of the remote villages. The children were all laughing because the smallest was petrified of me the Muzungu (white person) and the only toy in sight was a ball made from carrier bags.

IMG 9447 2 copy Children of Uganda

This second image was in another village whilst visiting the family of one of the girls Wakisa had sponsored back into education. As we pulled up outside the house there were four children playing on this one battered old bike… the fourth child is hiding up by the trees!

I ended up re-visiting the children of uganda that we met from all over… the slums, the villages, a school run by a church and then of course little Ezra who I miss immensely… I know I will return to Uganda to volunteer again, I just hope I get to see Ezra when I do. I put together this video with images and footage:

If you would like to help out in anyway for my next lot of fundraising or sponsoring my flights to return, please do get in touch

Some great news from Wakisa Crisis Pregnancy Centre, they’ve finally got the planning permission to build the bigger dormitory… again they will be needing as much help and donations with this as possible.

Thanks for reading, as always, H.x

Could You Help A Girl From Wakisa?

I spent a lot of time with all the girls at Wakisa and was also fortunate to meet with past Wakisa girls now doing well at school or university. Please take just 2.5 minutes to watch this….

Big Love


Uganda Journal – Day 14

23rd October 2012

All a bit odd waking up this morning, knowing that it’s the last time we head to Wakisa.

I showed Suzan and Patience the video I made last night for their sponsorship needs. Both seemed to really like it. Need to get it up on their website once I’m back but I’m not attempting to upload a HD video clip using a 3G dongle!! I’m going to put together some more clips for them on sponsorship too from all the footage I got.

Mum and Suzan went back into town shopping with Henry for a chest of drawers for the House Mother’s new private bedroom and some more stock items with whatever is left over! So in the mean time I was cutting and laminating and cutting some more for number labels for bunks and lockers and for the food store room.

I popped my head in the dormitory and spotted Charity was lying on her bed but awake, asked if she was ok and she said she was but I sensed she wasn’t. I took her and baby Ezra outside for a photo and on the way back in she asked me if she could talk. We went into the office and she poured out her worries to me. She doesn’t know what she is going to do once she leaves Wakisa. She is desperate to go back to school but has no one to look after her baby. She can’t go back home as it was her Step Father who got her pregnant. They threw her out after she told her Mum what he had done as they didn’t believe her. She ran to Kampala where she was found in a park alone by the police who then brought her to Wakisa. She’s been here since April, it is always very daunting for the girls to come to terms with the “what next” once they have given birth. Charity is a clever girl and has sponsorship sorted so I don’t doubt she will get where she needs to.  We talked for quite a bit until Mum came back from shopping. I spoke to the Counselor about my conversation with Charity.

2012 10 25 001 Uganda Journal   Day 14

Some of the lockers arrived after lunch and after putting them in place under the beady eyes of all the girls in the dorm, numbering them and explaining to the girls how it all worked, we realised the extra draw the metal worker put in (wasn’t on the spec) is actually useless because the doors need to open right back yet the lockers are in between bunkbeds! Henry has gone down to speak with them for us before they send the rest the same, we should be able to get it fixed quickly.

After Mum’s Alpha, we had a bit of a free for all with the skipping ropes, balls and hula hoops. I took some more pictures as well as having a group shot and I shot some little snippets of the girls on film too.

2012 10 25 002 Uganda Journal   Day 14

2012 10 25 004 Uganda Journal   Day 14

Mum and I put together all Ugandan Shillings to see what was left after paying up the final amount on the building work etc and walked to Mengo for toweling nappies, 4 shops later we had 39 nappies. Took them back to the centre then sadly distributed cuddles to one and all before heading back to Vivians for the last time. I managed not to cry until we walked through the door at Vivians. I sat on my bed and heard the pitter patter of Ezra feet down the corridor, he came in and gave me massive cuddles, I gave him a squeeze and a kiss on the head as I always do then he planted a kiss on me right back for the first time… needless to say I welled up even more!

2012 10 25 003 Uganda Journal   Day 14

Video Blog – Uganda Trailer – A Snap Shot…

I’m home and pooped! I have a last journal to upload but not gotten around to editing the photographs for it yet. I have however made a very short video clip to sum up the 14 days there, enjoy….