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Jade & Matt – Wedding Previews

What a beautiful day with laid back people and the most immense wedding flowers including a floral chandelier… Earl the dog, super cute Molly and of course Matt & Jade!

Hannah thank you so much, we are blown away with these, best photographer EVER! Xxxxxxxxx

Tythe Barn Bicester Wedding image Tythe Barn Bicester Wedding image Jade & Matt-3 Jade & Matt-4 Tythe Barn Bicester Wedding image Somerset Wedding Photographer image Jade & Matt-7 Somerset Wedding Photographer image Tythe Barn Bicester Wedding image Tythe Barn Bicester Wedding image Jade & Matt-12 Jade & Matt-13 Creative Wedding Photography Somerset image Alternative Wedding Photographer Somerset image Jade & Matt-16 Jade & Matt-17 Jade & Matt-18 Jade & Matt-19 Jade & Matt-20 Jade & Matt-21 Jade & Matt-22 Jade & Matt-23 Jade & Matt-24

Alternative Back Garden Farm Wedding

Amy and I have hovered in circles with each other online through a few things, mutual acquaintances and causes so when she asked me to photograph her wedding day I was chuffed to bits! Amy & Duncan are childhood sweethearts and super cool cats I couldn’t wait to see what their day had in store for me. Laid back and shy the wedding was just the perfect balance of fun and calm. Huge thanks to Michelle for second shooting for me on the day too.

Amy looked amazing in her dress… Duncan smart but casually adorned and Horace… well a Frenchie in a bow tie, what more can you want? How about big bright multi coloured confetti, amazing speeches, sausage themed table names, catci, lawn games, flamingos, horse box snug, delicious ice creams, Capoeria martial arts dancing from the groom himself and kick ass band?

Dear Hannah, Just to say thank you so much for your beautiful photographs, Amongst the chaos, you really took control on the day. More to the point you put two camera shy sausage makers at ease. We can’t wait to show the photographs to everyone. Lots of love The Browns X

And this is what it all looked like:

20 views later….” just one more time then I’ll go to bed”

Somerset Back Garden Wedding image Somerset Back Garden Wedding image Somerset Back Garden Wedding image Somerset Back Garden Wedding image Somerset Back Garden Wedding image Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-6 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-7 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-8 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-9 Dorset Farm Wedding image Dorset Farm Wedding image Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-12 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-13 Dorset Farm Wedding image Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-15 Somerset Back Garden Wedding image Somerset Back Garden Wedding image Somerset Back Garden Wedding image Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-19 Somerset Back Garden Wedding image Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-21 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-22 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-23 Dorset Farm Wedding image Dorset Farm Wedding image Somerset Back Garden Wedding image Dorset Farm Wedding image Dorset Farm Wedding image Somerset Back Garden Wedding image Dorset Farm Wedding image Somerset Back Garden Wedding image Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-32 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-33 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-34 Somerset Back Garden Wedding image Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-36 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-37 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-38 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-39 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-40 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-41 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-42 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-43 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-44 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-45 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-46 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-47 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-48 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-49 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-50 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-51 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-52 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-53 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-54 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-55 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-56 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-57 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-64 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-59 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-58 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-60 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-62 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-61 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-63


Fun Filled Farmers Wedding

Di and Rick had me smiling all day until my flipping face nearly cracked!! what a way to party!! Everything about their day was filled with fun. Di’s attention to detail was amazing throughout the marquee on the grounds of their farm not forgetting Rick’s awesome hand crafted pallet bar. Keg beer was distributed in constant flowing watering cans to the troops and laughter was pretty much the order of the day.

This is absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG the photos are stunning and captured the whole day WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! thank you SO MUCH you have nailed it I love the mixture of black and white and the smiles captured and all the guests and dogs and EVERYTHING it’s AWESOME!!

farm-wedding-photography-1 farm-wedding-photography-2 farm-wedding-photography-3 farm-wedding-photography-4 farm-wedding-photography-5 farm-wedding-photography-6 farm-wedding-photography-7 farm-wedding-photography-8 farm-wedding-photography-9 farm-wedding-photography-10 farm-wedding-photography-11 farm-wedding-photography-12 farm-wedding-photography-13 farm-wedding-photography-14 farm-wedding-photography-15 farm-wedding-photography-16 farm-wedding-photography-17 farm-wedding-photography-18 farm-wedding-photography-19 farm-wedding-photography-20 farm-wedding-photography-21 farm-wedding-photography-22 farm-wedding-photography-23 farm-wedding-photography-24 farm-wedding-photography-25 farm-wedding-photography-26 farm-wedding-photography-27 farm-wedding-photography-28 farm-wedding-photography-29 farm-wedding-photography-30 farm-wedding-photography-31 farm-wedding-photography-32 farm-wedding-photography-33 farm-wedding-photography-34 farm-wedding-photography-35 farm-wedding-photography-36 farm-wedding-photography-37 farm-wedding-photography-38 farm-wedding-photography-39 farm-wedding-photography-40 farm-wedding-photography-41 farm-wedding-photography-42 farm-wedding-photography-43 farm-wedding-photography-45 farm-wedding-photography-46 farm-wedding-photography-47 farm-wedding-photography-48 farm-wedding-photography-49 farm-wedding-photography-50 farm-wedding-photography-44

Lucy & Patrick’s Halstead House Wedding

ahhh what a super lovely day this was for Lucy & Patrick at Halstead House! Lucy is English and Patrick Canadian and they both live and teach in Germany!! Having had their legal ceremony earlier in the year, the pair travelled over to the UK and had a literacy inspired, outdoor, official-unofficial, wedding ceremony in the gardens of Halstead House in Leicestershire. Conducted by Lucy’s Auntie with readings from her Mum and another Aunt the ceremony was intimate and personal and such a joy to be a part of! Lucy & Patrick also read excerpts from their favourite books as vows to each other.

They also had Toby along, their gorgeous pup… who took a surprise dip in the pond and there was a moment as I was shooting across the pond I thought Patrick was actually going to jump in to get him (was the pup’s first swim!) as he removed his wedding jacket!! all was well and Toby looked like he didn’t know what all the fuss was about when he finally clambered up the side of the pond and strutted his little soggy body around the edge taking the lead for the commencement of the Bride & Groom portraits! I LOVE a dog at a wedding, and it seems I attract dog loving couples so don’t be shy, bring your pets to your wedding!!

There was also a travel theme as well as literacy and books. I adored the idea of having a world map framed and for guests to pin a tag to a place they should visit and why they should go. After some fine food and a few games, including “the shoe game” Mr & Mrs style quiz, the evening was rounded off with some sweaty ceilidh  dancing!!

Have finally had a chance to process these photos! Thanks so much Hannah for capturing the day so beautifully, including our ridiculous dog’s escapades…and what a great find that field was!!

halstead house wedding image halstead house wedding image halstead-house-wedding-2 halstead house wedding image halstead-house-wedding-5 halstead house wedding image halstead house wedding image halstead-house-wedding-8 halstead-house-wedding-9 halstead house wedding image halstead-house-wedding-11 halstead-house-wedding-12 halstead-house-wedding-13 halstead house wedding image Dog at a wedding image halstead-house-wedding-16 halstead-house-wedding-17 halstead house wedding image halstead-house-wedding-19 halstead-house-wedding-20 halstead-house-wedding-21 halstead house wedding image halstead-house-wedding-23 halstead house wedding image halstead-house-wedding-25 halstead house wedding image halstead-house-wedding-27 halstead-house-wedding-28 halstead-house-wedding-29 halstead-house-wedding-30 halstead-house-wedding-31 halstead house wedding image halstead-house-wedding-33 halstead-house-wedding-34 halstead-house-wedding-35 halstead-house-wedding-36 leicestershire wedding photographer image leicestershire wedding photographer image halstead-house-wedding-39 halstead-house-wedding-40 halstead-house-wedding-41 halstead house wedding image halstead-house-wedding-43 halstead-house-wedding-44 halstead-house-wedding-45 halstead-house-wedding-46 halstead-house-wedding-47 Dogs at weddings image halstead-house-wedding-49 halstead-house-wedding-51 halstead-house-wedding-52 dog at your wedding image halstead-house-wedding-54 halstead-house-wedding-55 halstead-house-wedding-56 halstead-house-wedding-57 halstead-house-wedding-58 halstead-house-wedding-59 halstead-house-wedding-60 halstead-house-wedding-71 halstead-house-wedding-72 halstead-house-wedding-61 halstead-house-wedding-62 halstead-house-wedding-63 halstead-house-wedding-64 halstead-house-wedding-65 halstead-house-wedding-66 halstead-house-wedding-67 halstead-house-wedding-68 halstead-house-wedding-70 halstead-house-wedding-69