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Helen & Ollie – Wedding Previews

Yesterday Helen & Ollie were wed in London… it was wet and it was brilliant! You guys were such troopers!!!

Hi Hannah

Thank you so much for Saturday! We had a brilliant day and your calming influence had quite a part to play! The photographs we saw briefly on your camera looked amazing and we can’t wait to see the ones you have! 

You made us feel so relaxed and that’s what we needed to capture the best shots! 

Thank you so much

Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-1 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-2 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-3 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-4 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-5 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-6 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-7 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-8 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-9 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-10 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-11 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-12 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-13 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-14 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-15 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-16 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-17 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-18 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-19

Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding – Sherborne Dorset

Too excited not to share this preview on the blog. There are TWO reasons I wanted to post this. Firstly this is the wedding of one of my longest bestest friends, it was a total honour to capture her day along with my 2nd shooter Mia. Secondly because despite Pickle & Gareth living in Devon and I in Northamptonshire (currently), they by total coincidence had their wedding in the very place my husband has just accepted a job in Dorset, Sherborne! We are moving to south Somerset in the summer ready for September (it’s a teaching job). Having shot a number of weddings in the south west already, I am super excited to be doing even more.

Back to Pickle & Gareth!! It was the absolute perfect day. Starting at Munden House and finishing at Stockbridge Farm Barn where we danced the night away. I will go into the all details with the full blog at a later date, for now, here are some previews of the day <3

Dorset Wedding Photographer image Dorset Wedding Photographer image Dorset Wedding Photographer image Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-4 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-5 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-6 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-7 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-8 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-9 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-10 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-11 Dorset Wedding Photographer image Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-13 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-14 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-15 Dorset Wedding Photographer image Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-17

Relaxed & Fun Barton Hall Wedding

I bloody loved these guys! I had so much fun capturing Lauren and Andy’s relaxed and fun Barton Hall wedding!! So down to earth and chilled out, made my day fly by. So much laughter, drinking and dancing. It absolutely poured with rain just after the ceremony so we had fun creating some group shots in the orangery.

After a delicious meal and brilliant speeches the sun popped out and we revelled in some sun flare before heading for the rodeo bull… mexican wave of shots and dancing!

Thank you so much, they are beautiful xxxx

Barton Hall Wedding image Barton Hall Wedding image Barton Hall Wedding image Barton Hall Wedding image Barton Hall Wedding image Barton Hall Wedding image Barton Hall Wedding image Barton Hall Wedding image Barton Hall Wedding image Barton Hall Wedding image Barton Hall Wedding image Barton Hall Wedding image Barton Hall Wedding image Barton-Hall-Wedding-014 Barton-Hall-Wedding-015 Barton Hall Wedding image Barton-Hall-Wedding-017 Barton Hall Wedding image Barton-Hall-Wedding-019 Barton-Hall-Wedding-020 Barton Hall Wedding image Barton Hall Wedding image Barton-Hall-Wedding-023 Barton-Hall-Wedding-025 Barton-Hall-Wedding-026 Barton-Hall-Wedding-027 Barton-Hall-Wedding-028 Barton-Hall-Wedding-029 Barton-Hall-Wedding-030 Barton-Hall-Wedding-031 Barton Hall Wedding image Barton-Hall-Wedding-033 Barton-Hall-Wedding-034 Barton-Hall-Wedding-035Barton Hall Wedding image Barton-Hall-Wedding-036 Barton-Hall-Wedding-037 Barton-Hall-Wedding-038 Barton-Hall-Wedding-039 Barton-Hall-Wedding-040 Barton-Hall-Wedding-041 Barton-Hall-Wedding-042 Barton-Hall-Wedding-043 Barton-Hall-Wedding-045 Barton-Hall-Wedding-046 Barton-Hall-Wedding-044 Barton-Hall-Wedding-047 Barton-Hall-Wedding-048 Barton-Hall-Wedding-049 Barton-Hall-Wedding-051

Lucy & Patrick’s Halstead House Wedding

ahhh what a super lovely day this was for Lucy & Patrick at Halstead House! Lucy is English and Patrick Canadian and they both live and teach in Germany!! Having had their legal ceremony earlier in the year, the pair travelled over to the UK and had a literacy inspired, outdoor, official-unofficial, wedding ceremony in the gardens of Halstead House in Leicestershire. Conducted by Lucy’s Auntie with readings from her Mum and another Aunt the ceremony was intimate and personal and such a joy to be a part of! Lucy & Patrick also read excerpts from their favourite books as vows to each other.

They also had Toby along, their gorgeous pup… who took a surprise dip in the pond and there was a moment as I was shooting across the pond I thought Patrick was actually going to jump in to get him (was the pup’s first swim!) as he removed his wedding jacket!! all was well and Toby looked like he didn’t know what all the fuss was about when he finally clambered up the side of the pond and strutted his little soggy body around the edge taking the lead for the commencement of the Bride & Groom portraits! I LOVE a dog at a wedding, and it seems I attract dog loving couples so don’t be shy, bring your pets to your wedding!!

There was also a travel theme as well as literacy and books. I adored the idea of having a world map framed and for guests to pin a tag to a place they should visit and why they should go. After some fine food and a few games, including “the shoe game” Mr & Mrs style quiz, the evening was rounded off with some sweaty ceilidh  dancing!!

Have finally had a chance to process these photos! Thanks so much Hannah for capturing the day so beautifully, including our ridiculous dog’s escapades…and what a great find that field was!!

halstead house wedding image halstead house wedding image halstead-house-wedding-2 halstead house wedding image halstead-house-wedding-5 halstead house wedding image halstead house wedding image halstead-house-wedding-8 halstead-house-wedding-9 halstead house wedding image halstead-house-wedding-11 halstead-house-wedding-12 halstead-house-wedding-13 halstead house wedding image Dog at a wedding image halstead-house-wedding-16 halstead-house-wedding-17 halstead house wedding image halstead-house-wedding-19 halstead-house-wedding-20 halstead-house-wedding-21 halstead house wedding image halstead-house-wedding-23 halstead house wedding image halstead-house-wedding-25 halstead house wedding image halstead-house-wedding-27 halstead-house-wedding-28 halstead-house-wedding-29 halstead-house-wedding-30 halstead-house-wedding-31 halstead house wedding image halstead-house-wedding-33 halstead-house-wedding-34 halstead-house-wedding-35 halstead-house-wedding-36 leicestershire wedding photographer image leicestershire wedding photographer image halstead-house-wedding-39 halstead-house-wedding-40 halstead-house-wedding-41 halstead house wedding image halstead-house-wedding-43 halstead-house-wedding-44 halstead-house-wedding-45 halstead-house-wedding-46 halstead-house-wedding-47 Dogs at weddings image halstead-house-wedding-49 halstead-house-wedding-51 halstead-house-wedding-52 dog at your wedding image halstead-house-wedding-54 halstead-house-wedding-55 halstead-house-wedding-56 halstead-house-wedding-57 halstead-house-wedding-58 halstead-house-wedding-59 halstead-house-wedding-60 halstead-house-wedding-71 halstead-house-wedding-72 halstead-house-wedding-61 halstead-house-wedding-62 halstead-house-wedding-63 halstead-house-wedding-64 halstead-house-wedding-65 halstead-house-wedding-66 halstead-house-wedding-67 halstead-house-wedding-68 halstead-house-wedding-70 halstead-house-wedding-69

Daisy & Will – Normanton Church Wedding

Where to begin with this amazingly awesome wedding at Normanton Church of Daisy & Will!!! This gorgeous pair flew home from Australia to be wed on Rutland waters. It was such a gorgeous day, their personal vows were beautiful and quite frankly they both looked pretty awesome! Daisy’s mum handmade all the bridesmaids dresses aren’t they gorgeous!!?! The flowers were absolutely sublime and complimented Daisy’s sleek wedding dress superbly.

Daisy & Will threw and exceptional party with great food, dancing, funny speeches and a big red leather sofa!! (yes I did get them to drag it down to the stream!)

I loved the laughter and fun that went on throughout the day, capturing it gave me properly smiley face ache!!

Enough from me, here are some of my favourites from their kick ass day!

Hi Hannah thank you so much for these, they are absolutely amazing! We had the time of our lives! Thank you for capturing our special moments we will treasure these photographs forever they are perfect xxxxx

Normanton Church Wedding image Rutland Wedding Photographer image Rutland Wedding Photographer image Normanton Church Wedding image Rutland Wedding Photographer image Normanton Church Wedding image Normanton Church Wedding image Normanton Church Wedding-8 Normanton Church Wedding-9 Normanton Church Wedding image Normanton Church Wedding-11 Normanton Church Wedding-12 Normanton Church Wedding-13 Normanton Church Wedding-14 Normanton Church Wedding image Normanton Church Wedding image Normanton Church Wedding-18 Normanton Church Wedding-19 Normanton Church Wedding-20 Normanton Church Wedding image Normanton Church Wedding-22 Normanton Church Wedding-23 Normanton Church Wedding-24 Normanton Church Wedding image Normanton Church Wedding-26 Normanton Church Wedding-27 Normanton Church Wedding-28 Normanton Church Wedding-29 Normanton Church Wedding-30 Normanton Church Wedding-31 Normanton Church Wedding-32 Normanton Church Wedding-33 Normanton Church Wedding-34 Normanton Church Wedding-35 Normanton Church Wedding-36 Normanton Church Wedding-37 Normanton Church Wedding-38 Normanton Church Wedding-39 Normanton Church Wedding-40 Normanton Church Wedding-41 Normanton Church Wedding-42

You can view more of Daisy & Will’s awesome wedding on their slideshow below: