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Helen & Ollie – Wedding Previews

Yesterday Helen & Ollie were wed in London… it was wet and it was brilliant! You guys were such troopers!!!

Hi Hannah

Thank you so much for Saturday! We had a brilliant day and your calming influence had quite a part to play! The photographs we saw briefly on your camera looked amazing and we can’t wait to see the ones you have! 

You made us feel so relaxed and that’s what we needed to capture the best shots! 

Thank you so much

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Gorgeous Greek Wedding – Creative & Fun Photography London

I was really looking forward to this wedding, of which I 2nd shot for Laura Babb, you can check out her full blog here.

Firstly I’ve not photographed a Greek wedding before, even though it was a pretty untraditional Greek wedding, it was loads of fun and really interesting in the Orthodox church, not to mention stunning! I had the task of capturing the groom getting ready before heading on to the ceremony to meet with Laura. It is tradition for the best man to dress the groom and to shave his face before the wedding. They were all a really fun bunch of people. It was a day of two extremes… after the ceremony whilst on the london bus it absolutely poured with rain, after a detour to see if it stopped, the sun final showed it’s big yellow face! Anthi had planned welcome drinks at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park so we all hot-footed it down there and it was well worth it.

What I love most about 2nd shooting is the opportunity to get even more creative, here are some images that I took on the day…




The Artisan of Clerkenwell – London Wedding

This was such a fun wedding to shoot! I was 2nd shooting for Eliza Claire and we both absolutely loved the atmosphere at The Artisan of Clerkenwell… the guests were straight into party mode and the dance floor was full from start to finish.