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Jade & Matt – Wedding Previews

What a beautiful day with laid back people and the most immense wedding flowers including a floral chandelier… Earl the dog, super cute Molly and of course Matt & Jade!

Hannah thank you so much, we are blown away with these, best photographer EVER! Xxxxxxxxx

Tythe Barn Bicester Wedding image Tythe Barn Bicester Wedding image Jade & Matt-3 Jade & Matt-4 Tythe Barn Bicester Wedding image Somerset Wedding Photographer image Jade & Matt-7 Somerset Wedding Photographer image Tythe Barn Bicester Wedding image Tythe Barn Bicester Wedding image Jade & Matt-12 Jade & Matt-13 Creative Wedding Photography Somerset image Alternative Wedding Photographer Somerset image Jade & Matt-16 Jade & Matt-17 Jade & Matt-18 Jade & Matt-19 Jade & Matt-20 Jade & Matt-21 Jade & Matt-22 Jade & Matt-23 Jade & Matt-24

Tythe Barn Wedding Bicester

Katie & Tanya had the most beautiful, relaxed and emotional wedding at the Tythe Barn in Bicester this April. They spent the morning getting ready together at Tythe Barn, neither of them had seen each other’s dress so when it came to it they went to their separate rooms to await the surprise reveal at the aisle.

They entered the ceremony room at the same time from doors either side of the barn and walked up the aisle together, it was really beautiful. Everyone was grinning like a cheshire cat… or may have had slightly wet eyes! *ahem* not me *ahem* ok maybe just a little!

Don’t even get me started on speeches!! Bridesmaids should do more speeches that’s all I’m saying!! Big up to the singing!

Thank you to Katie and Tanya for having me come along and shoot their glorious wedding day. Have a look below at their film & photo fusion video :)

these are incredible!! Katie & I are sat on our sofa looking at them and remembering how much we enjoyed you being a part of our special day. They are amazing! Clever you!ย Hannah, I’m speechless. These are absolutely fabulous.

Thank you so much Hannah ย for this amazing video. Was so lovely watching our perfect wedding over again & again & again & again! You are awesome. So so glad you were our photographer.xxXx

Tythe Barn Bicester Wedding image Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-2 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-3 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-4 Tythe Barn Bicester Wedding image Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-6 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-7 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-8 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-9 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-10 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-11 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-12 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-13 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-14 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-15 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-16 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-17 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-18 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-19 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-20 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-21 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-22 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-23 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-24 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-25 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-26 Tythe Barn Bicester Wedding image Tythe Barn Bicester Wedding image Tythe Barn Bicester Wedding image Tythe Barn Bicester Wedding image Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-31 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-32 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-33 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-35 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-36 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-37 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-34 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-38 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-39 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-40 Tythe Barn Bicester Wedding image Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-42 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-43 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-44 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-46 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-45 Tythe-Barn-Bicester-Wedding-47