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Pippa & Neil – The Previews

What an amazing day at Fawsley Hall with Pippa & Neil! These two were such a joy to photograph it made mine and my 2nd shooter’s job super easy. Pippa looked beautiful in her grey tinted lace dress and I loved Neil’s suit with it’s red buttons. The children were all fantastic and the speeches funny, all in all a perfect day. Here is a little preview for now…

P&N-1 P&N-2 P&N-3 P&N-4 P&N-5 P&N-6 P&N-7 P&N-8 P&N-9 P&N-10 P&N-11 P&N-12 P&N-13 P&N-14P&N-16 P&N-15P&N-17

Helen & Ollie – Wedding Previews

Yesterday Helen & Ollie were wed in London… it was wet and it was brilliant! You guys were such troopers!!!

Hi Hannah

Thank you so much for Saturday! We had a brilliant day and your calming influence had quite a part to play! The photographs we saw briefly on your camera looked amazing and we can’t wait to see the ones you have! 

You made us feel so relaxed and that’s what we needed to capture the best shots! 

Thank you so much

Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-1 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-2 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-3 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-4 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-5 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-6 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-7 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-8 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-9 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-10 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-11 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-12 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-13 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-14 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-15 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-16 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-17 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-18 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-19

Alternative Back Garden Farm Wedding

Amy and I have hovered in circles with each other online through a few things, mutual acquaintances and causes so when she asked me to photograph her wedding day I was chuffed to bits! Amy & Duncan are childhood sweethearts and super cool cats I couldn’t wait to see what their day had in store for me. Laid back and shy the wedding was just the perfect balance of fun and calm. Huge thanks to Michelle for second shooting for me on the day too.

Amy looked amazing in her dress… Duncan smart but casually adorned and Horace… well a Frenchie in a bow tie, what more can you want? How about big bright multi coloured confetti, amazing speeches, sausage themed table names, catci, lawn games, flamingos, horse box snug, delicious ice creams, Capoeria martial arts dancing from the groom himself and kick ass band?

Dear Hannah, Just to say thank you so much for your beautiful photographs, Amongst the chaos, you really took control on the day. More to the point you put two camera shy sausage makers at ease. We can’t wait to show the photographs to everyone. Lots of love The Browns X

And this is what it all looked like:

20 views later….” just one more time then I’ll go to bed”

Somerset Back Garden Wedding image Somerset Back Garden Wedding image Somerset Back Garden Wedding image Somerset Back Garden Wedding image Somerset Back Garden Wedding image Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-6 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-7 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-8 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-9 Dorset Farm Wedding image Dorset Farm Wedding image Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-12 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-13 Dorset Farm Wedding image Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-15 Somerset Back Garden Wedding image Somerset Back Garden Wedding image Somerset Back Garden Wedding image Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-19 Somerset Back Garden Wedding image Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-21 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-22 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-23 Dorset Farm Wedding image Dorset Farm Wedding image Somerset Back Garden Wedding image Dorset Farm Wedding image Dorset Farm Wedding image Somerset Back Garden Wedding image Dorset Farm Wedding image Somerset Back Garden Wedding image Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-32 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-33 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-34 Somerset Back Garden Wedding image Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-36 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-37 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-38 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-39 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-40 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-41 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-42 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-43 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-44 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-45 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-46 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-47 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-48 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-49 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-50 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-51 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-52 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-53 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-54 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-55 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-56 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-57 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-64 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-59 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-58 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-60 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-62 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-61 Somerset-Back-Garden-Wedding-63


Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding – Sherborne Dorset

Too excited not to share this preview on the blog. There are TWO reasons I wanted to post this. Firstly this is the wedding of one of my longest bestest friends, it was a total honour to capture her day along with my 2nd shooter Mia. Secondly because despite Pickle & Gareth living in Devon and I in Northamptonshire (currently), they by total coincidence had their wedding in the very place my husband has just accepted a job in Dorset, Sherborne! We are moving to south Somerset in the summer ready for September (it’s a teaching job). Having shot a number of weddings in the south west already, I am super excited to be doing even more.

Back to Pickle & Gareth!! It was the absolute perfect day. Starting at Munden House and finishing at Stockbridge Farm Barn where we danced the night away. I will go into the all details with the full blog at a later date, for now, here are some previews of the day <3

Dorset Wedding Photographer image Dorset Wedding Photographer image Dorset Wedding Photographer image Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-4 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-5 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-6 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-7 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-8 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-9 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-10 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-11 Dorset Wedding Photographer image Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-13 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-14 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-15 Dorset Wedding Photographer image Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-17

2016 – A year of magnificent moments…

What a beautiful year of capturing magnificent moments. Thank you to all my amazing couples and families for a real belter!

The very beginning of the year saw me bringing into the world my 3rd child, she’s an absolute cracker and has me in stitches every day. As my own family grows so does my business and every year it feels more and more poignant how utterly crucial it is to capture life and moments as much and as often as possible.

I love the sequence of events and emotions that flick past my screen as I scroll through each folder pin pointing my favourites for this slideshow… it’s a labour of love arriving at this place and so worth the time, cathartic even.

Here are the smiles, the moments, the hugs, the tears and the laughter…