Helen & Ollie – Wedding Previews

Yesterday Helen & Ollie were wed in London… it was wet and it was brilliant! You guys were such troopers!!!

Hi Hannah

Thank you so much for Saturday! We had a brilliant day and your calming influence had quite a part to play! The photographs we saw briefly on your camera looked amazing and we can’t wait to see the ones you have! 

You made us feel so relaxed and that’s what we needed to capture the best shots! 

Thank you so much

Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-1 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-2 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-3 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-4 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-5 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-6 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-7 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-8 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-9 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-10 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-11 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-12 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-13 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-14 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-15 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-16 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-17 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-18 Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Somerset-19

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