Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding – Sherborne Dorset

Too excited not to share this preview on the blog. There are TWO reasons I wanted to post this. Firstly this is the wedding of one of my longest bestest friends, it was a total honour to capture her day along with my 2nd shooter Mia. Secondly because despite Pickle & Gareth living in Devon and I in Northamptonshire (currently), they by total coincidence had their wedding in the very place my husband has just accepted a job in Dorset, Sherborne! We are moving to south Somerset in the summer ready for September (it’s a teaching job). Having shot a number of weddings in the south west already, I am super excited to be doing even more.

Back to Pickle & Gareth!! It was the absolute perfect day. Starting at Munden House and finishing at Stockbridge Farm Barn where we danced the night away. I will go into the all details with the full blog at a later date, for now, here are some previews of the day <3

Dorset Wedding Photographer image Dorset Wedding Photographer image Dorset Wedding Photographer image Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-4 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-5 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-6 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-7 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-8 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-9 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-10 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-11 Dorset Wedding Photographer image Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-13 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-14 Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-15 Dorset Wedding Photographer image Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding-17

5 Responses to “Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding – Sherborne Dorset”

  1. James

    Fantastic pictures! How many bridesmaids does it take to put a bride in a bubble car! I love the mirror shots in the derelict building.

  2. Pickle

    Thank you so much for everything you brilliant brilliant person. :) You were amazing, these first few photos are so amazing and I just can’t cope with the wait until we get to see the rest!!! Thank you so much for being a wonderful friend and world’s most awesome photographer! xxx

  3. Jackie

    Amazing photos, Hannah!! Can’t wait to see the rest. I love them all, but the one of Gareth with his nose pressed against the glass is priceless. xx


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